There has been a “free church” presence in Knebworth for over one hundred years. What became Knebworth Congregational Church started in a back-shop in Station Road in the 1880s. The building in Park Lane (which still forms part of the church) was opened in 1887 and continued as a congregational fellowship until 1972 when it became Knebworth United Reformed Church on the formation of that denomination.
subpas1Trinity Church’s Methodist roots go back to 1930 when a “mission hut” was founded in Gun Lane. In 1949, a new church was built in New Close, premises that were extended in 1965 and remained there until it closed in 1998 following the creation of Trinity Church.

subpas2There was a long tradition of the Methodist and Congregational/URC fellowships sharing in worship, a history which led in the early 1990s to talks about union of the two churches. Trinity Church (Methodist/United Reformed) became a joyous reality on 25th March 1996. Only after that was a decision made, with careful consideration, to sell the site at New Close and redevelop the Park Lane site as a place of worship and witness suitable for the 21st Century.